Solitaire, where design meets elegance.

This high-end development of only 24 duplex units, 6 duplexes per floor, is located along the serene General Mathenge Road in Westlands, Nairobi. Solitaire is the embodiment of tasteful luxury. The design for the Apartments sought to mirror the symmetrical nature of the plot. The duplex apartment blocks were staggered to maximize the potential views of the Karura Forest.

Atithi Apartments

Consisting of 39 apartments, three of which are duplexes arranged in three separate Towers. These apartments are designed to be spacious, luxury apartments hotel Nairobi market.

Madhuram Apartments

Comprising of 24 three-bedroom apartments along 2nd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi. Designed to capture the rising need of upmarket housing. Design considerations were laid to ensure the project became viable for the client and also takes the needs of the end user comfortably. The unique, spacious and comfortable apartments thoughtfully integrate modernity with functionality.

Treewall Apartments

This unique project is located along general Mathenge and comprises of 33 apartments, and it was designed with privacy, large green spaces, and entertainment areas in mind.
Unites are completely independent with only the occupants having access to the apartments on their respective floor.

L’Aziz Suites

This project comprises of high-end serviced hotel apartments and is located in the Parklands area. It’s a striking, triangular prism shaped building with bold and visually striking facades and the towering project provides its occupants stunning views of the adjacent area.


This residential development located in a peaceful and serene Westlands neighborhood along Rhapta road. It comprises of 30 modernly designed and built 4-bedroom apartment units. The project has been carefully designed to maximize space and natural light, as well as creating a relaxing environment.


Comprising of 21 three-bedroom apartments in Parklands, Nairobi. This project features a grey/white material palette which contrasts with black mazeras slits, the juxtaposition of the textures highlighting its verticality.


Cascades apartments on School Lane, Nairobi. The project comprises of 2- and 3-bedroom apartments and it gets its its name from the cascading wrap around balconies which are a prominent facade element of the design.

Crystal Edge

This project is made up of 9 duplex apartments on General Mathenge Drive in Nairobi.

The play in external materials (timber boarding, two tones of natural stone cladding, textured plaster and fair face concrete) along with large windows create what we feel is a rather beautiful symphony.

Oshwal Residency

This project is located along Oshwal rd and consists of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments sporting a modern look and tasteful finishes.

The project was designed to make maximum use of the space afforded to it and is an attractive addition to the skyline of the area.

White Oak

This upscale, luxurious 4-bedroom apartment complex is located in the suburban area of General Mathenge Drive. Each apartment is graced by soaring ceilings and wall-to-wall windows and a voluminous layout.

Karen Landsdown

Karen Landsdown is a shopping center located in Karen. The design features the use of an eclectic mix of materials on the palate as well as the overall space planning that created a truly unique symphony that attended balance between the traditional and the modern.

The goal of the project was to not look quite out of place contextually but at the same time reflect all the toppings of a modern shopping experience.

Southcote Apartments

On 2nd Parklands Avenue in Nairobi, the scheme for SouthCote comprised of 28 four-bedroom apartments on a rectangular site with the project being designed with comfort and elegance in mind.


This project is located in Parklands and consists of 40 apartments designed to be spacious, luxury apartments in a single tower. Each typical apartment was designed to maximize on space, with each apartment having 4 bedrooms and a large balcony, which combined with its location, offers its tenants a comfortable and accessible living space.

Oshwal Park

Located on 1st Parklands Avenue, and one of the larger projects undertaken by the firm, Oshwal Park comprise of five, towers with 24, 3-bedroom apartments each. Each typical apartment was designed to maximize on space, which combined with its location, offers its tenants a comfortable and accessible living space.


Consisting of 4 townhouses designed in the modern language, this was the first project undertaken by the firm. The houses are modern, on 3 levels, with 5 bedrooms each, with a 4-car parking space. The rooftop is also reserved for the Master bedroom and entertainment terrace with a live cooking station.

Aqua Blu Lounge

Aqua Blu Lounge bar and night club located in Westlands, is an upmarket lounge based on two distinct themes: water and blue. It features several water features in and around the lounge as well as a glass walkway over running water.