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AAK Awards for Excellence in Architecture 2016

19 Feb 2016

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One of our projects was recognized at the AAK Awards of Excellence in Architecture 2016. In the category of Best Concept / Ongoing Project, The Elegance on General Mathenge was placed as the 2nd Runner Up!

Naturally we are extremely pleased with this: It’s a project we have worked really hard on and we do feel that the end result hopefully will be fairly iconic. The use of a steel structure, thermal and light controlled glazing and semi-automated stackable parking are just a few of the new (at least for us!) facets of the structure, as well as the external aesthetics make it one that we’re really excited about.

But deeper than that, this recognition means more. We are, by all accounts (including ours!), a fairly small firm. And a fairly young one too, both in terms of average age at the firm (I’d say late 20s-early 30s) as well as the age of the firm itself (about 6 years old). To be mentioned in the same breath as some of the more established firms is in itself recognition.

It’s a recognition that, in the words of the developer of The Elegance, we are moving in the right direction. The key word there is ‘moving’. We have a rough idea of where we would like our destination to be. Whether we get there or not is really anyone’s guess.

The key point is that we keep moving towards it.

This is a recognition that we are.

It’s a start.

We’ll keep moving…