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Solitaire and Solitaire Encore

14 Sep 2016

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Apartments on General Mathenge

A while back, I had posted about the ongoing construction of the Solitaire Apartments on General Mathenge, and had alluded to it being joined pretty soon by a sister site across the road from it, called Solitaire Encore. Well, the tenders have been sent out and it looks like we're going to be breaking ground pretty soon!

Both Solitaire and Solitaire Encore are unique designs. Our association with the developments started with Solitaire Apartments (Known then, as they would be, as proposed apartments on General Mathenge Drive).

I loved the site the moment I saw it: an extremely rare diamond shaped plot, almost perfectly symmetrical with a slightly less than gentle slope. The diamond plot tapered towards a phenomenal view of the Karura Forest.
The design itself sought to mirror (no pun intended) the symmetrical nature of the plot, with a fairly strong axis running from the base of the diamond to the tip. The duplex apartment blocks were then staggered to maximise the potential views of the Karura Forest from the apartments.The result was an extremely pleasing symphony of shallow curves and bold sweeps. A design we feel is unique. A solitaire, as it were.
A few months down the line came the design for Solitaire Encore. The plot was slightly narrower than the Solitaire plot, so we couldn't exactly replicate the symmetrical design of Solitaire itself. Having said that, the broader swathe of the plot had amazing views of the Karura forest, while the side facing the main road would have great views of the Westlands skyline.
We chose to retain a few elements from Solitaire: the shallow curves and bold sweeps of glazing: maximising the natural light and allowing those in the apartments to fully take in the remarkable views on offer.

Much like the original Solitaire Apartments, I have no doubt that once completed, Solitaire Encore will be a sight to behold.

Now comes the hard part: getting them both built! Should be fun!