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A Little Study In Detailing

21 Sep 2016

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White Oak Entry Detail

Of late I've had a little bit of time to spend on the detailing of smaller aspects of the projects we are working on. To be honest, I'm loving it!

One of the details I've been working on over the past couple of weeks is the Entry design to the White Oak Apartments on General Mathenge. 

The proposal went through a few iterations before we eventually ended up with two options.

The first one was fairly heavy in its usage of Timber, lacquered and polished to a highly reflective gloss finish, while the second substituted the Timber in most of the elements with a MDF router stencil, spray painted with Automotive paint and Backlit.

Whats interesting about both proposals is that I feel both of them work fairly well: The enveloping sense of entry is maintained, while at the same time allowing a fair amount of transparency and permeability. The minimalist lighting from the top of the elements provides for adequate task pathway lighting, and the abstract artwork on the side (MS and Light Blue Glass) creates just the right amount of a feeling of free movement to contrast the rigid repetition of the MDF/Timber elements.

Tough call between the two. Would be happy with either.