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06 Apr 2017

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3 site visits, one afternoon

Impromptu site visits this afternoon. Had a few hours to spare so decided to take a brief tour of some of the sites we're working on in various stages of completion:

First up, EastField Apartments on General Mathenge. Almost done, looking at handing over this month. I love this facade. I always say it's one for the purists in that at first glance it doesn't seem to be complex in the least. On a deeper look you can begin to see the multifaceted facade elements, subtly differentiated by color and texture variations. It's an ode to the concept of facade fractures.

The next site visited is the Solitare Apartments on General Mathenge as well. Structure almost complete as is the sample apartment. The form of the complex is breathtaking. Flowing sinuous curves coalesce the slightly more orthogonal inner form. It's taking shape, and doing so very nicely indeed.

Final site visit this afternoon: Niharika Apartments on 3rd Parklands. These are a pleasant surprise. As much as we expected the curved beam elements on the facade to look good, we honestly weren't expecting them to look THIS good. The staggered random pattern of these add to the dynamic feel of the facade. Looking forward to seeing it finished!