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11 Nov 2014

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Have a few minutes before my next site meeting so thought I’d make a short journal entry.

Been a rather exciting time in the life of the firm: we’ve recently picked up a couple of genuinely stimulating projects due to break ground early next year: Rumaisa (had alluded to this in my last Journal Entry), Oshwal Park (Massive in terms of scale. 240 apartments and deserves its own Journal post, which I will get around to soon, or so the intention goes!) and Solitaire (Duplexes on General Mathenge drive).

At the same time we’ve reached the tail end of a few projects which should be done and dusted by the end of the year: Crystal Edge, WestEnd Hotel, Cascades on School Lane, Festive Residences and the Devji residence.
I’m not sure if it works the same way with most other offices, but I’ve found that we have cycles of projects: a whole bunch of them will break ground in at the same time and wind up around the same time as well. If we were to look at the life of the firm, the latest batch of projects would be the fourth cycle. I suppose it’s a major positive to see that the scope and size of the projects has consistently increased with each passing cycle. I hope that’s a testament to the way we are perceived in the market, as well as confidence being translated into repeat business.

Either way, there’s work to be done. And for that I’m truly grateful! I’ll hopefully get round to outlining the completed projects as and when they get handed over, but universally they all have one thing in common: they each represent a journey of sorts. A time in the life of our firm encapsulated in built form. They now go from being a vision in mind to a tangible envelope for space.
They now begin to fulfill their roles, just as we complete fulfilling ours. Welcome to the world.