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Welcome to our new Home

11 Nov 2014

Journal (Journal Type)

Welcome to our revamped website!

The revamp has been a few years in the making, not literally, but figuratively. Aleem Manji Architects has now been an entity for about 4 years, give or take, and in that time we've grown a bit.

As a result, we needed to capture the body of work we had gone through and reflect it onto an updated website.

But we felt that wasn't enough.

It needed to be a little more interactive. A little more updated. A little more vibrant.

In short, it needed to be a little more alive.

So we will continue to interact in the normal ways: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc (please follow and/or Like us...makes us feel warm and gooey on the inside). You can interact with us by simply clicking on the buttons on the page (Please do...promise to make it worth it, and by that we mean we'll try our level best to keep posting stuff...that you may like. Go on. Click the button.)

But that still wasn't enough. It's a dynamic profession, and a dynamic practice. New stuff happens pretty much every day and we somehow needed to try and tell our story in a slightly more observational way. And also needed an excuse to post photos. Lots of em. New proposals, site photos, details. Occasional smiling faces. Sky's the limit.

Over the last couple of years, we had been updating a blog ( and through it we managed to chart our growth as a firm, and with it, tell a few stories about the challenges we faced.

The language was casual and conversational, much like we feel we may be as a firm. Professional for the most part, but ultimately a bunch of people who take a lot of pride in their work, and pretty decent to chat to (Really we're like the awkward guy at the bar with buck teeth, checked shirt and pinstripe pants. And slippers. You wouldn't think it but we're actually nice people).

We didn't want to lose that touch while coming up with a new website, which is why we've dedicated a part of the website to this section, which is what we call The Journal (insert atmospheric music here). This is the part of the website where we get to tell our stories: our successes (hopefully plenty of these), our challenges (in moderation, please) and even our failures (yeah...hopefully not too many of these), while at the same time updating on the various stages our projects have gotten to. Basically it's a place in this professional setup of a website that allows us to let our hair down a bit, and look at what we do from a more human point of view.

For those who have followed our blog, welcome to our new home (excuse the mess...thankfully we're still in the defect liability period). For those who've just stumbled upon us while searching for something to do while bored at work, welcome: we occasionally tell jokes.

Please feel free to subscribe below. We've made a resolution to update once a month (incase you're a betting person, I'd take the odds that we'll break our resolution in the next six months. That's free money really)