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A quite schizophrenic, long delayed, journal entry

14 Dec 2015

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Meet the New homeā€¦same as the old home. Not.

It’s been a fairly interesting year. We’ve experienced a fair amount of growth in pretty much every aspect (except Journal entries, which I intend to remedy!).

We’ve added new colleagues and said goodbye to a few. Added a few new projects and handed over a few as well. Overall, I’d say 2015 has been…eventful.

Two things, however, will probably mark out 2015 in my memory for a fair few years to come, both diametrically opposite. One brought with it great hope and new beginnings, while the other brought with it more sadness than I’ve ever experienced before.

The two things I refer to are, respectively, moving into our new permanent home as AMA-Kenya, and, on a very personal front, the sad passing of my mother.

I shall dwell briefly on the latter first as a matter of a little, hopefully forgiveable, self-indulgence. The thing is, I’ve always looked up to my mum, without telling her of course! She was made of pure iron. She had a will and determination about her that I have never encountered in any other soul. She fought battles everyday in breaking female stereotypes at work, then came home and became mum. Smiling, laughing, caring, inspiring. Always front and centre when there was any advice needed, or any help to be given. In architectural terms, she was the strongest foundation imaginable. Able to withstand any load without failing or complaining.

She spent a fair few days on life support. The hardest decision we as a family, and I as an individual, made was to turn off the support. A part of me went away that day. A part that I will never recover.

Days go by and as much as you would expect the loss to be felt less and less, the opposite is true. I think of all the memories we shared, and all those yet to be made that we never will. I think of any milestone and achievement and can’t help but feel a little vacuum inside knowing that she never really got to be a part of it.

Yet life, as is it’s way, must go on.

Which allows a moment to wipe away tears and move on to what can only be described as immense.

In November this year, AMA-Kenya moved into its new permanent shiny home at The Mirage on Chiromo Lane. I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t been looking forward to this for a while.

The thing is, we needed to move. I loved the old space with its green grass and bamboo environs, but the fact was that it was, shall we say, getting a little Chinese sweatshop. We started off AMA-Kenya in July 2010 with a staff of 3. By November 2015, we had grown to 8, and have since added a couple more after the move. All in all, space was at a bit of a premium.

Not to mention the inconvenience of having a full consultants meeting of 10 around a table that measured 1m x 1.75m. Nope, we needed the space. And we got it.

It’s been a month and a half and we’re still getting used to the new space, but hopefully we’ll grow into it soon.

And since it’s on the 6th floor, hopefully we’ll be able to add to the view.

Quite literally!